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Monday, July 9, 2012

Industrial Training at Pharmaniaga LifeScience, Puchong

Pharmaniaga LifeScience Sdn. Bhd.

Today is my first day of internship or industrial training at Pharmaniaga Lifescience, Puchong for duration of a month effective from 9 July 2012 to 3 August 2012. The main objective of this industrial training is to give us exposure to the working environment of the industrial setting and overview of the industrial organisation. Here is my offer letter, I am pleased and excited that a public listed and well-known company hired me as their trainees.

Offer Letter

During the 4 weeks of industrial attachment, i can be attached to various departments depending on their needs. They may position me in production, packaging, quality control, record keeping or management of pharmaceutical products.

I’m glad that I have training allowance during my internship. Some of my friends don’t even have, they need to bear all the costs, transportation, petrol, meals, etc. RM500 though not that much but at least can reduce my burden for the 1-month spending. J

My working hours is from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm with an hour break in the interval. I prefer everyday is Friday so I can break longer. I only need to work 5 days in a week. So, it doesn’t really count as 30 days but only 20 days, I still can enjoy my weekends… hahaha... What I scare the most is the massive traffic jam that always happens in LDP. I need to wake up earlier to avoid the congestion…OMG…

I have been hectic finding a place for an attachment since beginning of the semester but most of the companies do not accept trainees especially those MNC pharmaceutical companies. At last, Dr. Affendi Dahlan has secured a place for me for the industrial attachment. Thanks for your great help.

On the first day, we need to report to Mr. Mohd Danil, General Manager of Pharmaniaga LifeScience. Then Mr. Arif, HR executive briefed us on the training programme and our placement.

Before briefing, three of us camwhoring at the lobby. We were given assess passes and gate passes to access to various departments.

Hakim, me and Cheryl Tan

Access Pass

Gate Pass


  1. Took me time to analysis all Industrail training content, but I really experienced the content. It become Very used to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always awesome when you can not only be suggested, but also entertained!

  2. Intern at industrial setting seems great! ^^

  3. Hi I am a Pharmacy student and I would like to do my industrial placement at Pharmaniaga too, may I know how should I apply please?

  4. hi, i want to ask if there any interview for internship?

  5. Hi. How do you apply for internship ? By email or walk in ? ��